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Technology: Your Roadmap to Small Business Success

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Technology: Your Roadmap to Small Business Success

In the past two decades, computers and the Internet have changed the world. People now communicate faster, more often, and in different ways. Likewise, businesses operate differently—processing and storing more information, reaching out to new markets, and managing operations more efficiently.

The advent of technology has ensured that life—and business—will never be the same. However, computer-related technology (often called information and communication technology, or ICT) has not yet reached every corner of the world, and it has not reached many small and medium businesses that could benefit from the services it provides. This document is designed to help the many small and medium businesses that have yet to take full advantage of ICT. We will introduce the benefits of ICT, show examples of how technology has helped businesses, and introduce basic elements of a technology solution that could help your business.

The smaller your business is, the more efficient it has to be. You need to invest limited resources wisely, which means making necessary business purchases right now. At the same time, you need to identify the resources needed for tomorrow—including technology that will help your business grow and stay ahead of the competition in the months and years ahead. Computers, servers, software, and Internet connections are among the investments that small and medium businesses of all kinds—and in all locations, rural as well as urban—need to consider. In fact, these technologies are already being utilized by an increasing number of small and medium businesses around the world.

Today, more people than ever before use computers at home, school, and work. In Western Europe, the U.S., and other developed nations, more than three out of four people use computers, and the number is growing each day. Similar growth is seen in developing nations

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