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Intel World Ahead Program: Advancing Global Healthcare

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Intel World Ahead Program: Advancing Global Healthcare
Connecting People to Improved Healthcare
Every nation faces the challenge of delivering high-quality, affordable healthcare. But nowhere is the need greater than in developing regions, where poor health and poverty often go hand in hand, chronic disease is growing, resources are more limited, healthcare workers are scarce, and a trip to the doctor can mean difficult and expensive travel.
There is an incredible opportunity to change the trajectory of health and healthcare in low- and middle-income countries. Digital technologies provide exciting opportunities to alleviate these problems – to expand access to care while making the most of limited resources. At Intel, we believe in the power of tomorrow. But we also believe that building a better tomorrow requires action today – and so we work with governments and healthcare leaders around the world to demonstrate the possibilities and reduce barriers to better care.
Added Value from Digital Infrastructure
Intel’s healthcare activities in developing nations grow out of comprehensive efforts to extend the benefits of technology to the next billion people. The Intel World Ahead Program accelerates access to relevant technologies and broadband infrastructure with 200 programs in more than 70 nations. Through World Ahead, we work with governments to maximize the value of their technology investments by using digital infrastructure to address policy goals (such as improving healthcare) which can realize both social and economic benefits.
Focusing on practical solutions, we collaborate with technology companies, banks, telecommunication operators, service providers, health authorities, universities, the development community, and other contributors. We involve local and regional vendors to promote job growth while developing sustainable frameworks for long-term change. We draw on the experience of our Digital Health Group, which collaborates with hospitals, standards organizations, academic and research centers, and health services organizations globally to advance healthcare’s quality, cost, and accessibility.
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