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Intel Helps Empower Achievers Across India

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Intel Helps Empower Achievers Across India

Case Study: Intel® World Ahead Program, Secondary Education
Top-performing students are rewarded with desktop computers powered by Intel® technology.

• Expand interest and participation in state high school exam.
• Motivate the most promising students to reach their potential.
• Provide incentives to continue education.

• Enable high-achievement students with technology tools.
• Recognize and reward scholastic merit.
• Extend opportunity to male and female students alike.

Assam inspires its top achievers with a technology advantage
The government of Assam, a northeastern state of India located at the foot of the Himalayas, is integrating technology to encourage participative, collaborative education driven by critical thinking skills.
In 2005, State Chief Minister Shri Tarun Gogoi launched a new initiative that promotes technology while motivating students to pursue higher education: it began awarding PCs—many of them powered by Intel® technology—to students scoring above 60% (First Division) on their high school examination. The state’s ambitious initiative to put a computer on the desk of every high-achieving student has evolved into a social phenomenon that is becoming a role model for other states across the country to emulate. It has won widespread acclaim from media, educators, and Indian society at large.

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