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Path to Growth: Accelerating Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Path to Growth: Accelerating Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The global economic crisis has increased the urgency for countries to identify new sources of growth and develop a sustainable path to economic success. Traditional reliance on natural resources is insufficient to support long-term growth. Only through entrepreneurship and innovation can countries enhance competitiveness, diversify their economies, and realize all the benefits of the rapidly expanding digital economy.

A strong governmental commitment to information and communication technology (ICT) is one of several critical elements needed to help accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation. Quantitative research, along with real-world examples from emerging and advanced nations, firmly establishes the social and economic benefits of ICT. These benefits include increases in the pace and quality of innovations, as well as macroeconomic benefits such as per-capita GDP growth, job creation, and rapid improvements in labor and total factor productivity.

Intel offers the experience and expertise to help countries develop a platform for growth. Through the Intel World Ahead program, Intel works with governments to engage local ecosystems that support entrepreneurship and lead to innovations that can improve lives and generate economic prosperity.

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