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Slim Modem for DC-HSPA Smartphones, Data Cards, M2M Apps

The Intel® XMM™ 6360 slim modem platform combines the Intel® X-GOLD™ 636 baseband featuring an integrated power management unit with the Intel® SMARTi™ UE3 transceiver and the Intel® Comneon protocol stack.

This highly integrated platform takes up minimal PCB board space and consumes very little power. It also comes with an innovative RF engine supporting quad-band EDGE and multi-band DC-HSPA for global connectivity with one stock-keeping unit (SKU).

Smaller footprint and higher performance
Intel XMM 6360 doubles potential download speeds while reducing board space thanks to its high level of integration.

Key features
•4-band EDGE
• Up to 6-band HSPA+
• 42 Mbps HSDPA
• Antenna diversity
• Single-chain power amplifier (PA)
• Very small 42 Mbps modem
• Low power consumption
• Intel X-GOLD™ 636 baseband
• Intel SMARTi™ UE3 transceiver
• Intel Comneon Release 9 protocol stack
• Pre-certified
• Global operator approval

Read the full Slim Modem for DC-HSPA Smartphones, Data Cards, M2M Apps Brief here:

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