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Intel® WiFi HotSpot Assistant

Wi-Fi connectivity at the speed of life

Experience the power of instant connectivity to millions of free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide with Intel® WiFi HotSpot Assistant1, exclusively available only on Intel® wireless products. Your Ultrabook™ auto-connects to Wi-Fi hotspots in the Easy Wi-Fi Network* as you roam—no more annoying manual login process at each hotspot. After accepting one-time only terms and conditions (T&C), your Internet connections are automatic as you roam. Combine with Intel® Smart Connect Technology2, and your email, social networks, news, and more are automatically refreshed, even as your Ultrabook™ sleeps.

Instant connectivity to hotspots worldwide

No user information, no registration, no web-based security or authentication required when your system detects a Wi-Fi hotspot within the Easy WiFi Network database

Simple auto-connect

Easy access to searchable map showing Easy WiFi Network hotspots.

Bypass annoying hotspot logins

A simple, one-time terms and conditions (T&C) login on the Easy Wi-Fi Network opens up millions of free and paid hotspots worldwide. Connect even if you have never joined the network.

Easy, cloud-based account management

After first-time provisioning, the client periodically and securely retrieves the Easy WiFi Network database and software when connected to the Internet.

Product- en prestatiegegevens


1. Voor Intel® WiFi Hotspot Assistant is een draadloze Intel adapter nodig. Vraag de computerfabrikant om meer informatie.

2. Voor Intel® Smart Connect Technologie heb je een specifieke Intel® Core™ processor, Intel® software, een BIOS update en een Intel® wireless adapter met een internetverbinding nodig. Solid-state memory of een vergelijkbare drive kan vereist zijn. Afhankelijk van je systeemconfiguratie kunnen de resultaten afwijken. Neem contact op met je systeemfabrikant voor meer informatie.