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A customizable masterpiece, the new TAG Heuer* Connected Modular 45 keeps you completely in sync while never compromising your sense of style. Stay connected with Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC payments, and a new time management experience that adapts to your day. The ultimate luxury watch combines all that and more in an all-metal, waterproof body built just for you.

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Bringing Wearables to Life

Expanding the possibilities of what technology can do, one groundbreaking solution at a time.

Meet the Intel® Curie™ Module

A complete microcomputer that fits into a form-factor the size of a button, designed to make the creation of wearable devices faster, simpler, and more accessible.1

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The Inspiration Behind our Innovation

Head to Intel's tech culture magazine to discover the people and technologies that are changing the world of wearables–check back regularly for new articles on fashion, sports, and more.

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Product- en prestatiegegevens


Slechts bedoeld voor gebruik door productontwikkelaars, softwareontwikkelaars en systeemintegrators. Alleen ter evaluatie; niet goedgekeurd door de FCC voor doorverkoop.