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IBM eX5 Systems* for Virtualized SAP Environments

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IBM eX5 Systems* for Virtualized SAP Environments

This white paper provides a brief summation of a Proof-of-Concept engagement, conducted at the IBM SAP International Competence Center, in which virtualized SAP applications and realistic workloads were migrated from two industry-leading 86 servers running at near capacity onto a single IBM system 3850 X5 server, demonstrating three times the VM capacity while operating within extremely comfortable utilization parameters. While the study itself had multiple purposes, the objective of this white paper is to show that IBM eX5* x86 platforms are capable of unprecedented VM density in consolidated x86 server environments, running an SAP application landscape consisting of CRP, Business Warehouse (BW) Enterprise Portal, and Process Integration (PI).

Any IT manager, CIO, systems architect, etc., who is considering an x86-based Windows or Linux infrastructure to run enterprise-scale ERP applications in a virtualized environment will benefit from reading this study. Anyone currently running such an operation with unacceptable constraints will also find valuable information herein, which may lead to discovery of an effective solution.
Contents of this Report
• Virtualization in the SAP Environment—This section discusses the major role that server virtualization and consolidation is playing in driving improvements in SAP landscapes.
• The Superiority of IBM eX5 Servers for High-End Virtualization—The section introduces the IBM eX5 family of servers and describes the advantages these servers offer to the virtualized SAP landscape.
• Proof of Concept: Unprecedented Consolidation—This section describes a Proof-of-Concept series designed by the IBM SAP International Competence Center that demonstrated, among other things, unprecedented consolidation of SAP VMs by migrating the workload of two near-capacity industry-leading servers to the next-generation IBM system 3850 X5.
• Conclusion—This summarizes the conclusions from the Proof-of-Concept results.

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