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Intel(R) Virtualization Technology FlexMigration Application Note

Intel Virtualization Technology FlexMigration: Application Note

This document is intended only for VMM or hypervisor software developers and not for application developers or end-customers. Readers are expected to be knowledgeable about Intel® Architecture and Intel® Virtualization Technology.

Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) refers to a suite of hardware assists in I...ntel silicon (the processors, chipsets and networking devices) that make virtualization software simpler and robust and enable it to deliver better performance.

Intel® Virtualization Technology FlexMigration (Intel® VT FlexMigration) is a part of Intel VT that allows a virtual-machine monitor (VMM) to report a consistent set of available processor features to guest software running in a virtual machine (VM), thereby broadening the live-migration compatibility pool across generations of Intel® processors. The eventual live-migration solution built across servers using different generations of Intel processors is defined by the VMM vendor and validated by the VMM provider. Intel primarily provides the hardware hooks to enable the VMM vendors to implement such a solution. Hence Intel VT FlexMigration, combined with support from a virtualization-software provider, allows IT to maximize flexibility across a single pool of virtualization resources using multiple generations of Intel server products.


Software discovers the processor identification and feature information using the CPUID instruction. Intel VT FlexMigration is an umbrella term that refers to processor features that allow a VMM to virtualize the CPUID instruction. That is, these features give a VMM control over the values reported by CPUID to guest software running in a VM.

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