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Fulcrum_Intel Product matrix customer letter_DCL

Dear Valued Customer:

As previously communicated, this is to inform you of important changes regarding your procurement process for Intel® Ethernet Switch products (formerly Fulcrum Microsystems products) from Intel Corporation. These changes will take effect beginning February 8, 2012. During the transition period, your Intel Sales team is available to answer any questions and assist with any issues you may encounter. It is, of course, our intention to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Purchase Orders
Until now, you have procured products directly from Fulcrum or through a Fulcrum distributor. Beginning in February 2012, you will be able to procure the Fulcrum products through an Intel approved distributor. Intel wants to make every effort to ensure your current backlog maintains the scheduled ship dates as is booked with Fulcrum or a Fulcrum distributor during the transition to Intel. Please refer to the detailed steps and transition dates below.

• Commencing January 23, 2012, for all orders currently booked with Fulcrum or a Fulcrum distributor, for delivery on and after February 8, you will need to provide the original PO number placed with Fulcrum or the Fulcrum distributor to your new Intel approved distributor. The Intel approved distributor will use this to mirror the backlog quantity and delivery date in their ordering systems. These orders will be placed under Intel terms and conditions of sale (including product warranty). Once Intel confirms the bookings with the new distributor, the original PO will be cancelled.
• All new orders placed with and supported by Fulcrum through February 8, 2012, will be covered under Intel terms and conditions.
• January 23, 2012 – first day Intel approved distributors can accept backlog transition orders.
• February 8, 2012 – first day Intel approved distributors can accept new orders.

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