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Intel® Datacenter Manager: Energy Director

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Intel® Datacenter Manager: Energy Director

Energy costs are the fastest-rising expense for today’s data centers. Power consumption is one of the top concerns for managers of data centers, enterprises, and cloud.

Managing power usage can be complex. Servers consume most of the energy managed by IT. Facility teams may be tasked with measuring and managing power at rack and power distribution unit (PDU) levels, but often have little visibility into server consumption. Says Senior Energy Analyst Eric Woods, "Servers use 60 percent of their maximum power, while doing nothing at all.1" Moreover, there are multiple, proprietary power measurement and control protocols supported by different solution providers, which make it challenging to have a single solution for power management across all devices in the data center.

Intel® DCM: Energy Director with Power Guard Rail Video >

Gain control of data center power

  • Power and thermal monitoring: Provides real-time, accurate power and thermal consumption data; enables management of data center hotspots, power usage planning, and forecasting; and replaces costly intelligent power strips.
  • Increasing rack density: Maximizes server count per rack in a fixed-rack power envelope for increased datacenter utilization.
  • Power optimization: Optimizes power profiles per server, rack, and floor or workload and application, and reduces electricity costs.
  • Business continuity: Continues or prolongs operations during power outages.
Intel® Data Center Manager demo video

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Intel Datacenter Manager: Energy Director features


  • Real-time monitoring of actual power and inlet temp data aggregated to rack, row, and room
  • User-defined physical or logical groups
  • Receives alerts based on custom power and thermal events
  • Power estimation engine for legacy servers lacking power monitoring
  • Displays server asset tag and serial number for HP, IBM, and Dell
  • Cisco rack and UCS support


  • Logs power and thermal data, query trend data using filters
  • Saves one year of history data for capacity planning


  • Intelligent and patented group policy engine
  • Supports multiple concurrent active power policy types at multiple hierarchy levels
  • Accepts workload priority as policy directive
  • Allows scheduling of policies including power capping, by time of day and/or day of week
  • Maintains group power capping while dynamically adapting to changing server loads
  • Intel® Node Manager 2.0 support for memory power limiting and dynamic core allocation


  • Does not require installation of any software agents on managed nodes

Easy integration and coexistence

  • Device inventory prescan using IP ranges
  • Exposes high-level Web Services Description Language (WSDL) APIs
  • Can reside on an independent management server or coexist with ISV product on same server
  • Power thermal aware scheduling: airflow and outlet temperature modeling (OEM-dependent)
  • Outlet temperature sensor (OEM-dependent)


  • Manages tens of thousands of servers


  • Secured APIs
  • Secured communication with managed nodes
  • Encryption of all sensitive data


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1. Eric Woods is a research director leading Navigant Research’s coverage of smart cities and green IT trends. Source for Intel legal review: http://www.navigantresearch.com/about-navigant-research/navigant-research-team