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Configure QoS with Intel® Flexible Port Partitioning

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In the previous whitepaper, An Introduction to Intel® Flexible Port Partitioning Using SR-IOV Technology, we introduced the concept of Intel Flexible Port Partitioning or FPP. FPP simply stated, provides a mechanism by which you may partition a physical Ethernet port into multiple virtual ports known as virtual functions (VFs).

This partitioning is done using a standards based approach utilizing the inherent flexibility within the SR-IOV specification. In addition, using Intel Flexible Port Partitioning provides an inherent quality of service (QoS); due to the round-robin scheduler within the hardware that services the underlying SR-IOV virtual functions (VFs).

This paper provides details and examples on how to configure additional QoS capabilities and features such as teaming, VLANs and rate limiting of individual VFs.