Police forces across the UK have undergone significant change over the last few years. Challenging budgetary constraints, added to re-structuring of many forces, mean efficiency across all areas of operation has never been more critical. Measures have been implemented at a national level to help make the most of officers’ time. Specifically, one initiative provides them with access to core IT sys...tems while out on patrol. This shift towards mobile working enables officers to spend more time performing their core roles in the community and less on administrative tasks back at the station.

• Increase public visibility: Enable officers to spend more time in the field and less in the station through introduction of secure mobile information
• Reduce red tape: Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and free up support resources involved in wasteful double handling of information
• Boost operational effectiveness and quality of service: Help staff respond faster and more accurately to incidents, with greater collaboration and information-sharing, improving performance in areas and providing increased levels of service to the public
• Ensure affordability, flexibility, and value for money: Deliver user-friendly, ruggedized solutions able to withstand the rigors of front-line policing without the significantly higher costs associated with more toughened devices

• New design: Specialized devices – the TETRAtab C Series* ruggedized convertible tablet/netbook, based on the Intel-powered classmate PC, was made available to over 300 officers
• Seamless connectivity: Thin client model and mobile broadband network access keep devices connected to over 20 core applications, on the move and without compromising security
• Familiar interface – office desktop to the car: Applications appear the same on mobile devices as on office desktop computers, eliminating the need for training on new technology and minimizing resistance to change

• More time on the street: During the first year the devices contributed towards officers spending 5-6 percent less time in the office.

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