Technology Tip: Think Before You Send

Intel IT Technology Tip: Think Before You Send

How to avoid six common but embarrassing e-mail mistakes
E-mail is a reflection of you and your professional demeanor
All of us send countless work-related e-mail messages every year. When you consider the astronomical number of times we click Send, the chances are likely that we might sometimes send something we shouldn’t. At the minimum..., such mistakes can cause acute embarrassment. At their worst, they can land you in the unemployment line.
Here’s a look at six common mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Sending before you mean to, or zapping a message off to the wrong person
We’ve all done it before: typed a message and clicked Send, realizing at the last moment that we forgot to include a vital piece of information or inadvertently sent it to the wrong individual. Once you hit Send, it may be too late to do anything—so the key is to take pre-emptive measures before you finish composing the e-mail.
How to avoid: Fill in the To: field last. This prevents you from sending the e-mail to the wrong person, or sending the message too early. Also, get familiar with your software’s Recall Message function—but remember this isn’t a guarantee that your message will be stopped before someone reads it. Even if you successfully recall a message, the recipient may still know that you sent a message and then recalled it. So if you didn't replace it with a corrected message, you'll need to get your story straight as to why you recalled it.

Mistake #2: E-mailing angry
We all get angry every now and then at work. As much as we enjoy the company of our coworkers, people can sometimes frustrate us. It might seem like a good idea, in the heat of the moment, to furiously type a message venting our anger and then practically slam the Send button, but the repercussions can be detrimental to more than just your keyboard.
How to avoid: Simply put, don’t ever send an angry message. You can’t always trust the Recall function to work. Instead, try adjusting your software settings to delay sending messages. This can give you the moment of breathing space needed to come back to your senses and realize sending that message may not be a wise choice.
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