Enabling Global Collaboration with Intel®-based Infrastructure

Enabling Global Collaboration with Intel®-based Infrastructure

Executive Overview

To enable a collaborative environment that helps Intel’s workforce increase personal productivity, build stronger global teams, and work more effectively with external partners, Intel IT is deploying high-performance mobile business PCs, enterprise servers, and an advanced wireless network. This infrast...ructure, based on the latest Intel® processors and technologies, supports the high-speed transmission of data, voice, and video required by our current set of integrated collaboration tools and positions us to adopt new collaborative technologies in the future.

The collaboration tools we support fall into two categories: those that assist employees’ personal productivity, and those that support formal team collaboration. Personal collaboration tools include instant messaging, personal bridge lines, and soft phones; formal team collaboration tools include video and audio conferencing, shared content repositories, collaborative Web sites, webcams, and social media. Internal and external collaboration provides many benefits to Intel:
• Enhanced employee productivity.
For example, content sharing facilitates the ability to review, provide feedback on, and further develop work in progress.
• Increased agility.
Collaboration tools enable employees to connect with team members in many different ways—on the road, in the office, and across time zones—reducing the need for face-to-face meetings while increasing Intel’s agility.
• Greater job satisfaction.
Team members report that being able to interact, see their remote colleagues’ faces, and share data in real time enhances personal and team effectiveness while making their jobs more enjoyable.
• Travel avoidance.
In 2010, videoconferencing saved more than 57,000 travel hours across about 6,000 meetings, avoided more than USD 26 million in travel expenses, and reduced our carbon dioxide footprint by more than 22,500 metric tons.

Read the full Enabling Global Collaboration with Intel®-based Infrastructure White Paper.

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