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How to Make a Playlist and Share it from Your PC

Learn how fun and easy it is to make and share a music playlist from your Intel-based PC.

How to Easily Capture, Edit, and Upload Video from Your PC

Learn how fun and easy it is to capture, edit, and share video with your Intel-based PC.

Microsoft Windows* 8 versus Windows 7 – Intel

Ontdek de voornaamste verschillen tussen Microsoft Windows* 8 en Windows 7, waaronder het touchbesturingssysteem, kortere opstarttijd, compatibiliteit en meer.

How to Stream Movies in HD on Your PC

Learn how fun and easy it is to stream HD movies on your Intel-based PC with Intel® Insider™.

Een notebook op een monitor aansluiten in Windows* 8 - Intel

Intel shows you how to connect your laptop to monitor and assign a separate viewing mode for both screens, enabling you to work freely and easily.

Замечательные возможности ноутбука

Video: Dave Taylor from AskDaveTaylor.com explains how to stream video from your laptop to your HDTV with a HDMI cable.

Increase Facebook* Privacy and Security

Video: Intel partners with Dave Taylor of AskDaveTaylor.com as he walks us through the often-changing world of Facebook privacy settings.

What is a Smart TV

What is a Smart TV

Wat is een tablet?

Besturingssystemen, camera's, toetsenborden: lees wat je moet weten over tablets en de voordelen ervan.

Mac* of pc-debat | Intel

Get the PC versus Mac* details on everything from cost to compatibility so you need to make the right computer choice for you.