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Intel and the Environment: Energy-Efficient Products

With energy-efficient computing, Intel helps drive best sustainable business practices for energy-conscious manufacturing.

Improving Energy Efficiency with Intel® Atom™ Processor

Intel® Atom™ Processor delivers high performance, low power, integrated graphics, and video capabilities for IVI.

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Годовой отчет о деятельности фонда Intel Foundation за 2011 год

Details facts and outcomes of 2011 campaigns and competitions to foster innovation in areas of math and science.

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Case Study: Transforming the Lives of Women and Girls

Highlights Intel's education programs and science competitions empowering girls to learn about science, math, and technology.

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Intel Foundation: Disaster Relief Support - Pakistan

Intel Foundation has approved a donation of $100,000 to the American Red Cross who is working with the Pakistan Red Crescent Society on relief efforts.

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«Intel is Awesome», Эйнсли Джонс (Ainsley Jones)

Elementary student Ainsley Jones’ book showcases her appreciation for Intel and its support of the Albuquerque Reads childhood literacy program.

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Establishing a Conflict-Free Supply Chain

Intel travels the world to create sustainable sourcing solutions, improve lives in those geographies, and establish verified conflict-free products.

Intel and the Environment: Energy-Efficient Products

С помощью энергоэффективных вычислительных систем Intel помогает продвигать лучшие устойчивые бизнес-практики для отрасли производства с расчетом на энергоресурсы.

Intel Around the Globe: Interactive Map

Explore the interactive map to learn how Intel makes a difference in education, healthcare, the environment, and more all over the globe.

4004 at 40: The World’s First Microprocessor

Federico Faggin, Intel 4004 designer, on what inspired him to create the world's first microprocessor in 1971, its impact, and quantum computing.