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Thin Mini-ITX Design Component Catalog

Thin mini-ITX chassis, mounts, and motherboard components for designing all-in-one PC platforms, delivering desktop power in a thin, stylish package.

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Intel® Smart Response Technology: Technology Brief

Technology Brief: Intel® Smart Response Technology provides a storage solution that lets users fast-track favorite applications and files.

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Intel® Rapid Storage Technologie

Intel® Rapid Storage Technologie verbetert betrouwbaarheid van gegevens en zorgt voor betere prestaties, snellere reacties en grotere uitbreidbaarheid.

Voeg een SSD en HDD samen: Intel® Smart Response technologie

Intel® Smart Response Technologie zorgt ervoor dat een snelle SSD gebruikt kan worden in combinatie met een HDD, waardoor er sneller toegang is tot vaak gebruikte bestanden en toepassingen.

Design All-In-One PCs for Any Environment

All-in-one PCs offer adaptable performance and wireless connectivity in a stylish package, meeting the computing and design needs of any environment.

Thin Mini-ITX Desktop Boards

Thin Mini-ITX desktop boards provide powerful computing, rich multimedia performance, and improved responsiveness in a flexible and compact package.

Customize All-In-One PCs to Meet Compute Needs

Customize and integrate all-in-one PCs by selecting the right chassis, desktop board, and components to support features and meet compute needs.

Channel AIO (Thin Mini-ITX Form Factor): Compatibility Matrix

Compatibility reference for determining AIO chassis and thin mini-ITX components supporting the Intel thin mini-ITX form factor standard.

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Integrating and Servicing MiTAC’s Maestro 770* All-in-One PC

Demonstrates maintenance of the Maestro 770*, including how to install an Intel® desktop board, connect peripherals, and configure the LCD panel.

Thin Mini-ITX-Based All-In-One PCs

Versatile and capable, Thin Mini-ITX-based all-in-one PCs offer multimedia, office productivity, and social media features for a range of systems.