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Intel IT center

Intel IT center

Powered by Intel® Cloud Technology

Discusses how the Powered by Intel® Cloud Technology program works to improve public cloud usage and trust by showing what is in cloud servers.

Guide: Cloud Design, Deployment, and Enhanced Security

Guide: Utilizing Intel® Trusted Execution Technology, VMware vCenter*, and VMware vSphere* creates cloud server security.

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Trusted Compute Pools met Intel® Trusted Execution Technologie

Lees hoe trusted compute pools door middel van hardwaregebaseerde technologie de beveiliging van een serverplatform verbeteren.

Healthcare Information Privacy and Security

Intel®-based technologies can support the need for compliance with the HIPAA privacy and security rule and other local regulations.

Security Software for Intel® QuickAssist Technology: Guide

Guide: Instructions for the Intel® EP80579 Software for Security Applications on Intel® QuickAssist Technology release package. (v.3, Sept. 2009)

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Webinar: Mitigate Insider Threats with Intelligent Security

Intel® IT Center webinar: Mitigate Insider Threats with Open-Source Intelligent Security. Learn about our new approach to preempting insider threats.

Crimewarebeveiliging: De nieuwe dreigingen in de IT-sector beheren

Crimewarebeveiliging: Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors De nieuwe IT-dreigingen beheren

Chip Chat: Jim Greene on Data Center Security

Chip Chat’s Allyson Klein interviews Jim Greene, discussing the future of data center security, how to stay ahead of threats, and his new book.

Trusted Compute Pools in Linux* OpenStack* Platform Guide

Configuration Guide: Provides step-by-step procedures for installing trusted compute pools on Red Hat Enterprise Linux* OpenStack* Platform 3.