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Твердотельные накопители Intel® серии 313

Сочетая в себе высокое быстродействие и низкую стоимость, решение хранения данных оптимизирует кэширование операций ввода/вывода. Благодаря этому сокращается время загрузки и запуска приложений и повышается производительность.

Intel® Solid-State Drive 313 Series: Specification

Intel® Solid-State Drive 313 Series specs and capabilities, using Intel® NAND Flash Memory for performance and endurance in embedded systems.

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Improve Power Management with Intel® Node Manager

Animation: Intel® Intelligent Power Node Manager is a smart way to optimize and manage power and cooling resources in the data center.

Securing the Cloud with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology

Usage models around trusted compute pools, secure on-boarding of virtual machines to a cloud environment and auditing of the security.

What is Intel® TXT, Intel® Trusted Execution Technology?

James Greene,shares the benefits of a hardware root of trust with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology, Intel® TXT.

Intel Talk to an Expert Series: Converged Cloud with Gartner

Andy Butler from Gartner and Boyd Davis from Intel discussed servers, storage, and networking in the cloud in this virtual event.

First American Video: Reducing Server Sprawl

Video: The First American Corporation builds energy-efficient data center with Intel® Xeon® processors, lowering utility costs and server sprawl.

Real-Time Medical Data Saves Lives at South Carolina Hospital

Medical University of South Carolina uses Intel® Xeon® processor-based IBM servers to save lives through reliable, real-time medical data.

Intel® Architecture Powers a Greener World

Intel® architecture powers a greener world with products offering energy-efficiency and with distributed intelligence creating a smart energy grid.

Intel, McAfee* Security for Utility Substation Infrastructure

Substation computing system security suite demonstrating management capabilities like isolating infected systems and a failover remote restoration.