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Using Real-Time Data to Improve Data Center Cooling Efficiency

White Paper: Baidu Inc. shares how to improve data center cooling and energy consumption with real time monitoring from Intel® Data Center Manager.

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KoçSistem and Intel® Data Center Manager Improve Data Centers

White Paper: KoçSistem improves data center efficiency using Intel® Data Center Manager to manage data on infrastructure, resource use, and status.

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10 vragen om uw IT-partner te stellen over het migreren van Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Extended Support eindigt in juli 2015. Het is dus de hoogste tijd om te plannen, voor te bereiden en in gesprek te gaan met uw IT-partners en ISVs

Intel® Data Center Manager Demo

Demo shows how Intel® Data Center Manager monitors, controls, gates, and limits power consumption for better server efficiency and reduced costs.

Data Center IT Agility and Control

Intel® Data Center Manager gives IT and facility managers the tools to optimize infrastructure and control costs with accurate, real-time monitoring.

Intel® DCM: Energy Director with Power Guard Rail—Japanese

The power guard rail policy set to power rack capacity in Intel® DCM: Energy Director controls systems to prevent server shutdowns.

Intel® Data Center Manager in the News

Follow the latest industry news on Intel® Data Center Manager with links to stories around the web, and sign up for the Intel® DCM newsletter.

Intel® DCM: Virtual KVM Gateway Differentiators—Japanese

The Intel® DCM: Virtual KVM Gateway provides support across OEM vendors, remote central access, easy integration for partners, and simpler wiring.

Intel® DCM: Energy Director FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Intel® DCM: Energy Director (formerly Intel® Data Center Manager)

Intel® Data Center Manager Demo Video

Video highlights the benefits of Intel® Data Center Manager as a tool to maximize server efficiency while controlling costs of power and cooling.