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Intel® Server Product Availability Matrix

Release dates and availability for Intel® Server Products like boards, systems, and chassis supporting the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5 v3 family.

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Intel® Server Board S2600KP 45-Degree View

Intel® Server Board S2600KP 45-degree view image.

Intel® Server Board S2600KP Front View

Intel® Server Board S2600KP front view image.

Intel® Server Board S2600WT Family 45-Degree View

Front 45 degree angle view of Intel Server Board S2600WTT and S2600WT2.

Intel® Server System R1208WT2GS and R1208WTTGS Back View

Back view of systems showing two power supplies with connectors for the R1208WT2GS and R1208WTTGS.

Intel® Server System R2208WT2YS Back View

Intel® Server System R2208WT2YS, R2208WTTYC1, R2208WTTYS, and R2308WTTYS back view image.

Intel® Server System R2312WTTYS Front View

Front view of 2U rack system with 12 2.5-inch drives (R2312WTTYS).

Intel® Server Board S2600GZ Animated Product Overview

Animated overview and diagram showcasing the technology, specifications, features, and benefits of the Intel® Server Board S2600GZ.

Symantec NetBackup*: Scalable Purpose-Built Enterprise Backup

Case Study: Secure data with the Intel®-based Symantec NetBackup* 5520 Appliance for reliable, efficient backup and deduplication across platforms.

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Intel® Server Board S2600GL and S2600GZ–based Systems

Maximum memory 1U and 2U systems with up to 24 2.5” or 12 3.5” HDDs supporting up to 24 DIMMs and six PCIe Gen 3 x8 adapters for I/O flexibility