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Intel® RAID Controller RS3DC Product Family

Side view of Intel® RAID Controller RS3DC080

Intel® RAID Controller RS3FC044

Straight side view of raid controller RS3FC044

Intel® RAID Controller RS3UC080

Straight on side view of RS3UC080

Intel® RAID Controller RS3 Deliver Higher Storage Performance

Product Brief: Intel® RAID RS3 Controller meets the storage performance demands of I/O-intensive applications and virtualized environments.

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Intel® RAID SSD Cache Controller RCS25ZB040: Brief

Product Brief: Offering Flash*-based cache with RAID-on-Chip, the Intel® RAID SSD Cache Controller RCS25ZB040 boosts throughput and data protection.

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Low-Cost SAS-2* for Highly Scalable Solutions

Delivering SAS-2* and SAS* storage, the Intel® RAID Controller RS25FB044 enables connectivity, scalability, and data protection in multiple arrays.

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Intel® RAID Controller RS25NB008: Product Brief

Delivering optimized application and data protection performance, the Intel® RAID Controller RS25NB008 enables hybrid servers and two processor cores.

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Intel® RAID Controller RS2PI008 Product Brief

Product Brief: Intel® RAID Controller RS2PI008 with Compact eight-port 6G SAS PCIe 2.0 RAID adapter for external storage.

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Intel® RAID Controller RS2WC040 Product Brief

Intel® RAID Controller RS2WC040 incorporates LSI’s MegaRAID Entry* technology with exceptional data protection and design flexibility.

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Intel® RAID Controller RS25SB008: Product Brief

Product Brief: Delivering intensive I/O throughput, the Intel® RAID Controller RS25SB008 offers performance, serviceability, and premium upgrades.

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