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Increase Bandwidth with Intel® Data Direct I/O Technology

Increase bandwidth, reduce power consumption, and lower latency with Intel® Data Direct I/O Technology on Intel® Xeon® processor E5-based servers.

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Intel® Ethernet Switch Ethernet in Fat Tree Cluster Interconnects

White Paper: Feature design enhances Ethernet effectiveness for cluster computing applications, improving performance, scalability, and availability.

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FCoE Using Intel® Ethernet Switch Family

White Paper: advanced features in the Intel® Ethernet Switch Family support the convergence to FCoE standard, reducing total cost of ownership.

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Intel® Ethernet Switch FM2000 Series: Product Brief

Product Brief: Intel® Ethernet Switch FM2000 Series removes the cost barrier for rapid and far-reaching deployment of 10 G Ethernet.

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Intel® Ethernet Switch FM2112: Datasheet

Covers switch platform functionality, featuring eight 10G interfaces and 16 1G interfaces.

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Intel® Ethernet Switch FM2212: Datasheet Addendum

Specification differences, features, and functionality of the Intel® Ethernet Switch FM2212 versus the original Intel® Ethernet Switch FM2000.

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Intel® Ethernet Switch FM2224: Datasheet

Covers architectural overview, functional and register descriptions, electrical specifications, and signal, ball, and package descriptions.

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Intel® Ethernet Switch FM3000 Policy Engine

White Paper: Policy Engine details for embedded high-bandwidth packet processing functions like service differentiation, VLAN encapsulation, more.

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Intel® Ethernet Switch FM4000 Series: Product Brief

Brief: Intel® Ethernet Switch FM4000 Series contains up to 24 10 GbE ports and uses a high performance, low latency Ethernet switch architecture.

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Large Data Center Fabrics Using Intel® Ethernet Switch Family

White Paper: Add converged Ethernet to a telecom-style fabric for increased cost size and power compared to an Ethernet switch-based data center.

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