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Brazil Revolutionizes Education Across the Nation

Case study shows Intel's work with Brazil to accelerate technology access and integration into schools for benefits that reach to the global economy.

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Path to Growth: Accelerating Entrepreneurship and Innovation

White Paper: Governmental commitment to information and communication technology helps accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Advancing Global Healthcare

Brief: Advancing global healthcare is a priority at Intel.

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Internet Access Delivered to Homes in Mexico

Case study: The Digital Home program provides Internet connectivity, training courses, and a community portal in Mexico.

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Intel in Education

Brochure covers Intel's involvement in vibrant economies sustained by quality education, skilled workforces, innovation around the world.

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Passport to Innovation and Growth

Paper discusses how Passport to the Digital Economy helps France create new jobs and keep the economy vibrant.

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Positive Impact of eLearning

White paper: role of information and communications technology to broaden educational opportunity and help students succeed.

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World Ahead Program Brochure

Outlines how Intel World Ahead Program promotes access to technology to enrich lives and the global economy.

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World Health

Healthcare programs provide technology and resources emerging countries need to provide better care at a lower cost to more people.

Intel Education Service Corps

Intel volunteers and NGOs come together through the Intel Education Service Corps to advance education and opportunity in developing regions worldwide