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Justin Rattner on the Future of Computing

Intel Chief Technology Officer, Justin Rattner, on what the future looks like for computing.

Context Awareness Activity Recognition: Project

Location sensing, ambient light and other elements help the computer intelligently guide, inform, and support the user’s activities.

Context Awareness Social Proximity Detection: Project

With data collected via device detection, suggestions can be made to the user based on people they are with or within proximity.

Martin Curley on Energy and Sustainability

Curley on sustainability and energy security, competitiveness and efficiency.

University Collaborations: ISTCs & ICRIs

Intel Science and Technology Centers are Intel-funded, technology specific research collaborations between Intel and U.S. universities.

Open Cirrus: Project

A partnership between Intel, Yahoo and HP created the Open Cirrus* Cloud Computing Testbed, allowing an exchange of findings and open source software.

Scalable Virtual Worlds: Project

Researchers strive to create a virtual world infrastructure capable of being scalable, 3D, and with a realistic, visually immersive appearance.

Single-Chip Cloud Computer: Project

The single-chip cloud computer is an experimental, scalable research microprocessor and resembles a cloud of computers integrated into silicon.

Teraflops Research Chip: Project

Researchers focus on exploring energy-efficient designs for future multi-core chips as part of the Teraflops research chip project.

Thunderbolt™ Technology in Action

Thunderbolt™ technology is a high-speed PC connection bringing together high-speed data transfer and high-definition display on a single cable.