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Intel IT: Rich Client PCs and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing poses new questions about the optimal enterprise client computing strategy. With more and more services delivered from the cloud, which combination of client platforms and service delivery models best meets the needs of users and IT organizations?

The Intel IT environment contains a mixture of conventional and cloud services, delivered primarily to rich client PCs.

We have found that whether services are kept in-house or outsourced to the cloud, the ability to perform local computing on the client offers the best user experience and the flexibility to run different types of applications. Only rich clients support the full range of service delivery methods, as shown in Figure 1. In addition, rich clients deliver full mobile computing capabilities for our users, including the ability to work offline. Rich clients remain an important part of our IT strategy as we work toward our future direction of migrating services to the cloud, supporting a wider range of client platforms, and enabling client virtualization.


Cloud computing is a significant trend with the potential to increase agility, lower costs, and enable access to services from any location.

Key attributes that distinguish cloud computing offerings include:
• Abstracted and offered as an on-demand service
• Easily purchased and billed by consumption
• Multi-tenant solutions on shared, massively scalable infrastructure
• Accessible over the Internet Today, we have identified three main categories of cloud computing service:
• Software as a service (SaaS). On-demand software applications.
• Platform as a service (PaaS). On-demand software development platforms.

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