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2009 Intel IT Performance Report

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2009 Intel IT Performance Report

CIO Letter

Welcome to our ninth edition of the Intel IT Performance Report. As we closed last year’s edition, we identified some of the many challenges IT organizations would face in 2009 given the economic environment, and we also articulated the situation this would create for IT. Because the charter of IT organizations is to apply information technology to deliver improved business results through integration and automation, in 2009, improvements in business efficiency and employee productivity were more important than ever. In this year’s report, you’ll find compelling examples of how the Intel IT team delivered business value and a competitive advantage for Intel.

We enhanced productivity for all Intel employees through continued execution of our PC refresh program, and we made it easier for employees to collaborate by deploying video conferencing solutions—saving Intel USD 14 million in travel expenditures. The remote PC management capabilities that Intel® vPro™ technology provides put us on track to improve employee productivity even further as well as save USD 500,000 per year.

Our organization is recognized for our positive contribution to the enterprise in many ways. Intel received world-class recognition for its supply chain due to advanced use of IT. Through deployment of our high-performance compute environment, we positively impacted the development time of the latest generation of Intel® products. Despite the worldwide recession and subsequent focus on cost, we continued our server refresh strategy, replacing our servers on a four-year cadence. Through execution of our data center innovation strategy, we are on track to deliver USD 650 million in value by 2014.

Industry-wide, the role of IT has clearly evolved from a “cost center” to a “value center.” Intel IT is core to Intel’s business success. I hope that you find value in this publication and invite you to learn more about our best practices on our Web site, www.intel.com/IT.

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