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Intel® Architecture Provides Performance for Government Systems

With service to over 3,500 customers in thirty diverse market segments over a span of more than 30 years, Intel continues to bring industry-leading computing and communications technologies to intelligent systems. This breadth and depth of experience makes Intel a trusted and reliable supplier to customers in aerospace, defense, and government.

As the world’s largest supplier of semiconductor products, Intel is committed to enabling new devices with higher functionality and complexity while controlling power, cost, and size. For example, Intel’s industry leading 3-D tri-gate transistor technology enables a 37 percent performance increase at low voltage and 50 percent power reduction at constant levels of performance.

Intel’s long-term commitment to manufacturing leadership and stability is backed by our $10.8 billion investment in plant and equipment in 2011, and an investment of $8.4 million in research and development over the same period.

Intel’s broad product roadmap, including Intel® Atom™ processors, Intel® Core™ processors, and Intel® Xeon® processors, delivers industry-leading performance per watt, for industry-leading size, weight, and power (SWAP) backed by a minimum of seven years of product support.

Read the full Intel® Architecture Provides Performance for Government Systems Paper.

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