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Intel® Atom™ Processor Optimized for Real-Time Control

Intel® Atom™ Processor Optimized for Real-Time Control

The white paper describes how architectural migration for real-time control applications, such as programmable logic controllers (PLC), requires thorough understanding of the targeted processor architecture. The white paper provides guidelines that should be considered when implementing PLC using platforms featuring Intel® Atom™ processors. The white paper also presents a comprehensive analysis of interrupt architecture and a recommendation of interrupt implementation for Intel Atom processors.

In addition to PLC, these guidelines can be applied for other time critical control applications, such as computer numerical controller and programmable automation controller.

The document outlines how the capability of the Intel Atom processors extends far beyond the scope of mobile Internet devices to include embedded controllers with hard real time constraints other embedded device categories.

Read the full Intel® Atom™ Processor Optimized for Real-Time Control.

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