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Intel Computing in Unexpected Places

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Intel Computing in Unexpected Places

Most personal computer users know about Intel Inside® — the microprocessor “brain” that powers the computers that have become our essential tools for business, information, entertainment and education. Most of us aren’t aware that we now actually touch hundreds of computing devices each day, when we pick up our smart phones, turn on our cars or check out at the store.

As a leader in design innovation, Intel is designing and building key technologies that are the foundation for this wide range of computing devices and applications. Working with partners in industries around the globe, Intel is creating the tools that put complex, connected data and intelligence to work in ways that are simpler, easier and almost invisible to us — even as they reshape our world, bringing us improved experiences.

Transportation Traffic management, accident prevention, cleaner air and energy savings will be just some of the benefits of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), powered by Intel, that are now undergoing testing and development around the world. Traffic light sensors that interact only with data from their location will soon be connecting with traffic information from around the region — and your vehicle — to help you decide the best route to take to work each day. Your car will also communicate with other cars on the road to keep you proactively informed of traffic conditions. All of this is happening while you use your car’s infotainment system to purchase and download a great song you hear on the radio via speech commands and to receive real-time updates about gas stations with the lowest prices. Your rear-seat passengers also benefit from a variety of entertainment options like TV, movies, games and social networking. Tired of searching for a parking place downtown? Your infotainment system will not only show you a map with available spots, but reserve a spot while you are en route.

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