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B&R Automation Boots Industrial Computer Performance

B&R Automation Boots Industrial Computer Performance

There was a time when industrial PCs, rigorously tested for high reliability, were a step behind the consumer PC market with respect to implementing the latest processors and advanced technologies. However, this definitely isn’t the case for B&R*, who works closely with Intel to carefully align its automation PC roadmap with Intel® processor launches. For instance, B&R, the world’s largest private company in automation equipment manufacturing, shipped prototypes of its Automation PC 910 with 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors just two days after Intel had announced availability.

What’s Needed for the Factory Floor
The Automation PC 910 is a flexible solution that satisfies the requirements of nearly every type of manufacturing, like metal working, food and beverage, automotive and pharmaceutical, just to name a few. The automation PC is built for continuous operation over a period of many years, providing the following essential and advanced features:

• Long-term availability to reduce machine maintenance effort.
• High reliability to minimize production line stoppages.
• High performance for complex applications, like visualization and motion control.
• I/O and display flexibility to support multiple networks, peripherals, sensors, actuators, displays, etc.
• Graphics capabilities for HMI displays and vision applications.
• Remote system management to repair systems – over the wire – quickly and at lower cost.
• Virtualization to reduce machine cost through application consolidation.

Read the full B&R Automation Boots Industrial Computer Performance Solution Brief.

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