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Eric Dishman Testimony on Aging in Place: Manuscript

Introduction and Perspectives

Good afternoon Mr. Chairman and members of the Committee. It is an honor to testify here on such a socially and economically important issue as bringing healthcare and independent living technologies to the home to help Americans age-in-place with dignity and great quality of life from wherever they choose.

My name is Eric Dishman, and I am here first and foremost as a family caregiver—as a grandson and a son. I am eager to help my own parents in North Carolina to live wonderful, healthy retirement years that they deserve—and that they call themselves tried to give their own parents in spite of huge challenges upon all of us to cope with many incidents of Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart disease, and crippling falls. Like so many Americans—almost 50 million according to AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving, I am living the need for innovative solutions that can help my aging parents to stay healthy and happy at home and out of the hospital. Given the more than $250 billion worth of care we’re collectively providing each year as sons, daughters, and neighbors, there is just too little national attention—and too many barriers—to building aging-in-place inventions, infrastructures, and industries that we will need eventually.

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