Alpha Trading Systems Case Study: Increasing Speed

Alpha Trading Systems Case Study: Increasing Speed

Objective: Enhance the Alpha Trading Systems IT infrastructure to create a stronger competitive advantage for executing trades, supplying market data, and providing technology-related services

Approach: Conduct a server proof of concept and align with key technology partners for a low-risk implementation.

Business technology i...mprovements
• Provides sub-1-millisecond response times, which brings the company’s technology infrastructure to the next level of low latency and boosts usage among market participants
• Delivers up to three times the load throughput capacity of the previous environment and addresses unpredictable spikes in market activity
• Mitigates the need for a data center expansion (new servers fit in nearly the same server footprint)
• Ensures high availability and business continuity with fully redundant, fault-tolerant servers and application stack

Business outcomes
• Increases revenue potential by facilitating competitive advantages such as the fast distribution of market data
• Enhances overall competitive advantage and enables competition with major trading venues globally
• Improves satisfaction among all market participants
• Lowers operational expense, including 35% less energy usage
• Supports cost-efficient future growth

One of Canada’s fastest trading venues in securities trading, it’s critical for low-latency systems to execute orders, process data, and transmit millions of messages in a flash. For a trading venue, low-latency systems are essential to stay profitable and develop the customer base.

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