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VMware* vSphere ESX 5.x iSCSI Boot Support with VLANs on Intel Adapters

VMware vSphere ESX* 5.x iSCSI Boot with VLAN Support: Guide

Introduction and Intended Audience
Prior to the Intel Network Division’s 17.4 software release, it was not possible to use iSCSI boot with VLANs in an ESX environment. This document covers the necessary software, EEPROM configurations, and processes required to use iSCSI boot with VLAN support in a SAN environment with Intel’s 1...7.4 software release or greater.

It is intended to supplement both the VMware vSphere* 5.x Storage Administrators Guide as well as the Intel® Network Connections User Guide—the companion document accompanying Intel LAD’s Ethernet software releases. It includes specific information regarding Intel’s solution for iSCSI boot using VLAN’s Intel® Server Adapters (1 GB and 10 GB).

This information is for experienced system administrators who are familiar with data center operations, networks, virtualization technologies and SAN storage concepts.

This document covers the configuration and operation of iSCSI Boot for Intel server adapters and highlights the basic active-passive redundancy use case. It covers the LAN on Motherboard and adapter setup for both primary and secondary iSCSI boot priority using VLANs.

Read the full VMware vSphere ESX* 5.x iSCSI Boot with VLAN Support Guide.

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