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Product Brief Intel® 82567 Gigabit Network Connections Ethernet Controllers

® Intel 82567LM/LF/V Gigabit Network Connections High-performance Gigabit Network Connectivity with Support for Intel® vPro™ technology and Intel® Viiv™ technology • High-performing, PCI Express*-based Gigabit Ethernet connection • Flexible board design options via shared LAN and BIOS Flash storage, integrated MDI termination components and integrated voltage regulation circuitry • Simple installation and maintenance with Intel® Stable Image Platform Program (SIPP) drivers 1 • Supports Intel® Active Management Technology 2 (Intel® AMT) and Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® 82567LM Gigabit Network Connection only) • Supports Intel® Viiv™ technology-based software and applications • Enables improved battery life for notebook designs with integrated Intel® Auto-Connect Battery Saver (Intel® ACBS) technology Overview The Intel® 82567 family of Gigabit Ethernet Controllers are compact, single-port integrated physical layer devices that connect to appropriate Intel® chipsets with an integrated Media Access Controller (MAC). The 82567 family of products are Gigabit copper networking components for mobile, desktop, workstation, and value-server designs with critical space con- straints. The 82567LM supports Intel AMT to help IT better discover, heal and protect their PCs as well as Intel Virtualization Technology through the Intel® Virtual Gigabit Network Connection. The 82567LM/LF products can also support Intel® Standard Manageability or ASF2.0 legacy manageability with appropriate Intel chipset. The Intel 82567 family of products can also support the latest Intel Viiv technology features for advanced Digital Home capabilities. • Flexible, low-cost system design: The Intel 82567 family of networking components provide a small-package (8x8 mm) networking option for convenient board layout. Additionally, the 82567 family of products also help to reduce board space by integration of the MDI termination components as well as the voltage regulation circuitry. • Intel® business client features: The Intel 82567LM Network Connection is a key platform ingredient for enabling Intel vPro technology on notebook and desktop systems by providing always-available network connectivity and hardware filters for advanced security. Intel® vPro™ technology provides built-in manageability, proactive security and energy-efficient perfor- mance for corporate applications. • Intel® digital home features: The Intel 82567 family is a key ingredient for enabling Intel Viiv technology. The 82567 family of products has been validated on platforms with Intel Viiv technology to ensure seamless performance and usability on consumer platforms. • Performance-enhancing features: Each of the Intel 82567 family of network components includes advanced interrupt- handling features to reduce CPU overheard. Other performance- enhancing features include offloading TCP/UDP (for both IPv4 and IPv6) checksum calculations and performing TCP segmenta- tion. Advanced features such as Jumbo Frame support for extra- large packets and Receive Side Scaling are also available on the Intel 82567LM product. • Simplified installation and maintenance: The Intel 82567LM and 82567LF products also support the Intel® Stable Image Platform Program (SIPP), which provides system image stability (both hardware and software) and consistency for >12 months from the product launch date. This helps IT to better manage the system images in their environment. • Environmentally friendly design: The Intel 82567 family of 3 4 and halogen free in their silicon and products are all lead free Read the full Product Brief Intel® 82567 Gigabit Network Connections Ethernet Controllers.

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