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82563EB/82564EB Gigabit Platform LAN Connect Networking Silicon

Product Features Datasheet ■ IEEE 802.3ab compliant — Robust operation over the installed base of Category-5 (Cat-5) twisted pair cabling ■ PICMG 3.1 compliant — Robust operation in backplane over Ethernet applications. ■ Support for cable line lengths greater than 100 m (spec); 123 m physical — Robust end to end connections over various cable lengths ■ Full duplex at 10, 100, or 1000 Mb/s and half duplex at 10 or 100 Mb/s. ■ IEEE 802.3ab Auto-negotiation with Next Page support — Automatic link configuration including speed, duplex, and flow control ■ 10/100 downshift — Automatic link speed adjustment with poor quality cable ■ Automatic MDI crossover — Helps to correct for infrastructure issues ■ Advanced Cable Diagnostics — Improved end-user troubleshooting ■ Kumeran interface —Low pin count, high speed interface to the Intel® 631xESB/632xESB I/O Controller Hub — Allows PHY placement proximity to I/O back panel. ■ 7 LED outputs per port (4 configurable plus 3 dedicated) — Link and Activity indications (10, 100, 1000 Mb/s) on each port ■ Clock supplied to the 631xESB/632xESB — Cost optimized design ■ Full chip power down — Support for lowest power state ■ 100 pin TQFP Package — Smaller footprint and lower power dissipation compared to multi-chip MAC and PHY solutions ■ Operating temperature: 0°C to 60° C (maximum) – heat sink or forced airflow not required — Simple thermal design ■ Power Consumption: < 1.0 Watts per port (silicon power) — Minimize impact of incorporating dual Gigabit instead of Fast Ethernet a ■ Leaded and lead-free 100-pin TQFL with an Exposed-Pad*. Devices that are lead-free are marked with a circled “e3” and have a product code: HYXXXXX a.This device is lead-free. That is, lead has not been intentionally The Material Declaration Data Sheet, which includes lead impurity ous Substances (RoHS) -banned materials, is available at: added, but lead may still exist as an impurity at <1000 ppm. levels and the concentration of other Restriction on Hazard- In addition, this device has been tested and conforms to the same parametric specifications as previous versions of the device. For more information regarding lead-free products from Intel Corporation, contact your Intel Field Sales representative. 316534-004 Revision 2.9 82563EB/82564EB Gigabit Platform LAN Connect Networking Silicon Revision History Date Nov 2007 Oct 2007 April 2007 Feb 2007 May 2006 April 2006 Nov 2005 Aug 2005 Dec 2004 Sep 2004 Jul 2004 May 2004 Revision 2.9 2.8 2.7 2.6 2.5 2.1 2.0 1.75 1.0 0.70 0.51 0.5 Comments Updated Tables 19, 20, 23, and 24. Updated Figures 5 and 6. Updated Table 16 “Recommended Operating Conditions”. Updated Section 4.2, Table 16 “Core Digital Voltage Range”. Updated Table 6. Initial public release. Removed “Preliminary” from section 4.9 “Power Consumption”. Updated 1.9V external power supply parameters in Tables 16 and 19. Initial release (Intel Confidential). Added lead-free information. Added measured power consumption values. Updated crystal specifications (drive level now 750 µW). Changed 1.8V power rail references to 1.9V. Major revisions in all sections. Added power sequencing. Changed pin Read the full 82563EB/82564EB Gigabit Platform LAN Connect Networking Silicon.

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