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82562EP Design Checklist v1.0

Project Name Fab Revision Date Designer Intel Contact Reviewer SECTION CHECK ITEMS REMARKS Have up-to-date product documentation and spec Documents are subject to frequent change General updates Observe instructions for special pins needing pull- Do not connect pull-up or pull-down resistors to up or pull-down resistors any pins marked No Connect. Connect LCI signals to corresponding signals on 82562EP LCI ICH device. Device Option √ DONE Each of the four control pins TESTEN, ISOL_TCK, ISOL_TI, and ISOL_EXEC should be connected to a LAN disable circuit through 100 Ω resistors. Use a 93C46 EEPROM. Note: DO NOT use a Catalyst 93C46 Revision H. Connect Ball F2 RBIAS10 to ground through a 619 Ω 1% resistor. Contact Intel for latest LAN disable circuit recommendations. If the LOM disable function is not used, connect Ball E8 to ground through a 3.3 K resistor. EEPROM for 82562EP attaches to ICH. Add decoupling capacitor. EEPROMs should be rated for at least 1 MHz. Recommended starting value. Measure PCB's output amplitude and adjust as required to meet IEEE specification. Connect Ball F1 RBIAS100 to ground through a 649 Ω 1% resistor. Recommended starting value. Measure PCB's output amplitude and adjust as required to meet IEEE specification. Use 25 MHz 30 ppm accuracy crystal. Clock Source Connect two 27 pF load caps to crystal. Use decoupling capacitor. EEPROM and FLASH Memory Parallel resonant crystals are preferred. Capacitance affects accuracy of the frequency. Must be matched to crystal specs, including estimated trace capacitance in calculation. Use low ESR caps. Applies to EEPROM or FLASH devices. Page 1 COMMENTS √ SECTION CHECK ITEMS REMARKS DONE EEPROM ORG ties to 3.3 V for x16 access. For Microwire EEPROMs. Depends on EEPROM used. Apply to both differential pairs. Transmit and 82562EP controllers use pairs of 54.9 Ω Receive termination resistors. Differential Pairs Integrated magnetics modules/RJ-45 connectors Modules with pin compatibility from 10/100 to Magnetics are available to minimize space requirements. Gigabit are available, containing internal jumpers Module (10/100 for the unused pairs. Multivendor pin compatibility Base-T is possible. Contact manufacturers. Applications) Qualify magnetics module carefully for Return Magnetics module is critical to passing IEEE Loss, Insertion Loss, Open Circuit Inductance, PHY conformance tests and EMI test. Common Mode Rejection, and Crosstalk Isolation Use 5-core model. Autotransformer models (10/100) provide better cable termination. For 82562EP devices that do not support MDI-X, Improves bit error rate. use 0.1 µF capacitor on receive center tap. Terminates pair-to-pair common mode Discrete Bob Smith termination: use 4 x 75 Ω resistors for impedance of the CAT5 cable. Magnetics cable-side center taps and unused pins. Module/RJ-45 Bob Smith termination: use an EFT capacitor Maintain greater than 25 mil spacing from Connector attached to the termination plane. Suggested capacitor to traces and components. Option (10/100 values are 1500 pF/2KV or 1000 pF/3KV Base-T applications) Connect signal pairs correctly to RJ-45 connector. The differential pairs use pins 1-2 (Transmit in 10/100) and 3-6 (Receive in 10/100). Take care not to reverse the polarity. For the 82562EP device, provide a Read the full 82562EP Design Checklist v1.0.

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