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Leadership Councils

Leadership Councils

Our leadership councils are comprised of senior-level employees who champion diversity efforts and serve as passionate voices for underrepresented  minorities and women at Intel.

Intel Black Leadership Council (IBLC)

The mission of this group is to promote the development and growth of African American employees at Intel.  It is comprised of Intel's most senior African Americans who support Intel’s African American initiative.  The initiative provides unique leadership, development and retention programs for our African American employees.  Council members use their skills and talents as role models and mentors in and outside of Intel. 

Intel Hispanic Leadership Council (IHLC)

The mission of this group is to create an environment that is attractive to and allows Hispanics to flourish at Intel.  The council is comprised of Intel’s most senior Hispanics who support our Hispanic initiative.  Our Hispanic leaders are often called upon to represent Intel in the community as well as serving as visible role models and mentors for our “up-and-coming” leaders.

Intel Network of Executive Women (INEW)

All female Intel VPs and Fellows are invited to be members of this network.  These senior female leaders champion existing and newly formed efforts around diversity and culture change, inspire development and retention, and serve as a passionate voice for under-represented minorities and women at Intel.  This initiative builds enthusiasm among our female employees by delivering programs that foster development and retention and by leveraging the strength of Intel's women VPs and Fellows as visible, proactive role models.

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