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EPC Innovation Overcomes Network Virtualization Challenges

EPC Innovation Overcomes Network Virtualization Challenges

This paper introduces NEC’s virtualized Evolved Packet Core (EPC) innovation that runs on an Intel® architecture server platform. NEC, who has been in the mobile core network business with ATCA hardware equipment for around ten years, is now providing carrier-grade, mobile network equipment that will work on the common Intel® archit...ecture server platform. Virtualized EPC is the first commercial offering of this effort.

Over the past few years, Intel has been promoting a 4:1 workload consolidation strategy that enables multiple workloads (applications, control plane, data plane, and signal processing) to simultaneously run on a single platform. The introduction of NEC’s virtualized EPC solution on Intel® architecture demonstrates a leap forward in this direction.

EPC has been traditionally deployed in various platforms using dedicated hardware for specific workloads within the core network. Advances in Intel® microarchitecture, software, and networking solutions have made the consolidation of these specific workloads onto a common Intel® architecture server platform possible.

Read the full EPC Innovation Overcomes Network Virtualization Challenges White Paper.

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