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An Architectural Approach to Security from Client to Cloud

An Architectural Approach to Security from Client to Cloud

Like never before, computing innovation is creating a staggering array of opportunities for businesses and individuals, including cloud computing and billions of connected devices. However, with these opportunities come the challenges of sophisticated and targeted malware.

In recognition of this growing threat, Intel Corporation has added security as its third pillar of computing requirements, alongside energy-efficient performance and connectivity. We recognize that strong security requires extraordinary software and hardware assistance. That’s why we’re embedding ingredients for security features into our processors, chipsets, and technologies—ingredients that can be utilized by the software ecosystem to provide improved security on multiple levels.

Today, with architectural leadership and a vital ecosystem, Intel is working side-by-side with industry innovators to improve both performance and security while continuing to deliver the best possible computing experience. To this end, Intel has invested in several software companies, including McAfee, Nordic Edge, Sarvega and, through McAfee, Nitro Security and Sentrigo. Coupling these broad investments with the security features included in Intel® processors, chipsets, and technologies, Intel has clearly made computing security a priority.

Read on to discover the cutting-edge security solutions Intel is bringing to market, including:
•Malware protection
• Trusted launch
• Identity protection
• Optimized acceleration for network infrastructure
• Data and asset protection

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