Intel Cloud Builders Guide: HP ProLiant SL* Scalable Systems

Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: HP, Enomaly Deployment and Usage

HP ProLiant SL* Scalable Systems: Enomoly Elastic Computing Platform*, Service Provider Edition

Audience and Purpose

Cloud computing offers a path to greater scalability and lower costs for service providers, infrastructure hosting companies, and large enterprises. The establishment of an infrastructure that can pro...vide such capabilities requires experience. Intel has teamed up with leading cloud vendors through the Intel® cloud builders program to help any customers design, deploy, and manage a cloud infrastructure.

The Intel® cloud builders program provides a starting point as it supplies a basic hardware blueprint and available cloud software management solutions such as the Enomaly Elastics Computing Platform*, Service Provider Edition on HP ProLiant SL* Scalable Systems servers. The use cases described in this reference architecture can be used as a baseline to build more complex usage and deployment to suit specific customer needs.

The audience for this reference architecture is cloud service providers, cloud hosters, and enterprise IT administrators who are looking to realize revenue potential as they expand their existing data center infrastructure to offer cloud computing services to their customers or internal users.

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