Intel® Cloud Builders Guide Intel® Xeon® Processor-based Servers NetSuite and Gproxy Design

Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: Applications with Gproxy and NetSuite

Intel® Cloud Builders Guide to cloud design and deployment on Intel® Platforms: Integrated Cloud Applications Enterprise Portal with NetSuite and Gproxy Design

Cloud computing offers a path to greater scalability and lower costs for service providers, infrastructure hosting companies, and large enterprises. However, ...building and using a cloud can be a daunting task. With its partners, Intel is providing reference architectures through the Intel® Cloud Builders Program, a starting point for building a cloud by providing a basic hardware and software blueprint.

Clouds are often used to deliver services to client devices, including desktop PCs, notebooks, phones, and tablets. IT Enterprises are seeking easier methods of using existing cloud applications, combining these into a common portal, and at the same time giving their end-users a quality experience that is optimized for their specific devices. This paper explores how the cloud can be used to deliver a combination of services in a way that adapts to specific client devices and optimizes the end user experience.

The Client-aware Enterprise Portal is the result of Intel’s collaboration with NetSuite’s Ecommerce Cloud platform and Gproxy’s CLIDES (Client Device Score) online service. The usages described in this paper can be used as a baseline to build more complex usage and deployment models to meet specific customer needs.

The target audience of this paper is cloud service providers, enterprise and consumer ISVs, and enterprise IT departments that are looking to deploy a balanced Web solution using the capabilities of the end-client to deliver a rich end user experience. The paper introduces a set of publicly available Web APIs and design-in methodology.

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