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Case Study: Transforming the Lives of Women and Girls

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Case Study: Transforming the Lives of Women and Girls

They say it takes a village to raise a child.

However, it was a group of young girls who raised the living conditions of their entire village through the Intel® Learn Program, which helps young people in underserved communities prepare to succeed in the knowledge economy.

Five girls, ages 10 to 14, went door-to-door in their remote Indian village of Singodi, surveying the community about sanitation and hygiene. Because of their work, the Village Council president authorized the building of a water tank and placed the young girls on a committee to prevent outbreaks of infectious diseases, like malaria and typhoid. Traditionally, only men served on such committees.

From the United Nations to the World Bank, leading organizations have trumpeted the need to raise the economic status of women and girls worldwide. Intel is helping through diverse efforts to promote the math, science, business, and technology skills needed to engage in the 21st century economy. Based on our experiences, we’ve identified four ways to improve the lives of girls and women, which in turn benefits their children, families, and communities.

Educate the Teachers First.

A study from the University of Chicago is the latest research to indicate that female elementary school teachers who are anxious about math may undermine girls’ confidence in their math abilities. Intel® Math helps remedy this worldwide problem by providing teachers with 80 hours of instruction to improve their own math knowledge as well as to give them new, creative ways to teach the subject.

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