Eltako Electronics Empowers Building Management

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Eltako Electronics Empowers Building Management

Intel works with BSC Computer and EnOcean to bring powerful and efficient solutions to Eltako Electronics’ home automation business.

As part of the drive to reduce energy consumption, costs, and carbon, demand for building management and home automation is increasing rapidly. Working with Intel, BSC, and EnOcean, Eltako Electronics is developing innovative, intelligent solutions that inspire smart, energy-efficient buildings throughout Europe.

• Manage tiny form factors. Deliver powerful data analytics that provide real insight into energy consumption and critical building functions without compromising on size and aesthetics of devices.
• Minimize power consumption. Make sure energy savings from greater insight and control are not lost to power-hungry computing and analytics.
• Facilitate installation. Maximize potential customer base with systems suitable for deployment in new builds as well as retrofitting.
• Manage multiple communication protocols. Ensure that internal short-range and external long-range wireless networks work together without interference.
• Secure data. Maximize uptake from potential user base by securing sensitive data.
• Increase user acceptance. Offer easy operation and high comfort and reduce long-term maintenance effort.
• Future proof. Avoid future retrofits and upgrades with sustainable, long-lasting solutions.

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