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Once you understand what big data is and what it can do for your organization, take the next step and start planning. If you’re starting a project, begin with a strategy. Identify the right opportunity, assess your current environment, map your requirements, and—finally—identify your technical needs. If you’re optimizing an existing project, Intel® technologies can help extend system capabilities, simplify integration processes, and lay a foundation for rapid growth.

Use the following resources to help you move your projects forward. Or jump below to see Apache Hadoop* resources, case studies, guides, solution briefs, solution spotlights, webcasts, white papers, and videos.

Five steps IT managers can take to move forward with big data analytic

Five steps IT managers can take to move forward with big data analytics

This practical guide contains information to help you start planning your big data initiative, including:

  • An overview of the IT landscape for big data and its potential value to your organization
  • Emerging technologies, such as Apache Hadoop* software that can help you gain insights from big data
  • Guidance on how to get the most out of Apache Hadoop software by choosing the right infrastructure and technology

Download the planning guide: Getting Started with Big Data (PDF) >

Big data analytics at maximum velocity

Big data analytics at maximum velocity

Using predictive analytics can help you stay ahead of your competition, identify new opportunities, and gain valuable insights. Learn how the significant benefits of the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop software can get you there faster.

Download the big data technologies infographic >

Mining big data for better business intelligence

Intel IT mines data for actional business insights

Learn how Intel IT is developing systems that analyze big data, providingl deeper and richer insights into their business patterns and trends to drive competitive advantage.

Download the white paper: Mining Big Data in the Enterprise for Better Business Intelligence (PDF) > 

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