Intel Big Data Analytics Peer Research 2013

This report describes key findings from a survey of 200 IT professionals in the United States about big data analytics. This report can help you plan your own projects and provides perspective on what the results mean for the IT industry, including:

• Adoption of tools such as the Apache Hadoop* framework continues to rise. Over half of respondents have already deployed or are currently im...plementing a Apache Hadoop distribution. • Half of those using Apache Hadoop run an internal private cloud. • Interest in using a third-party cloud service provider to analyze data sets is growing. • It’s anticipated that big data will be used to help improve operational efficiency and identify new sources of revenue. • The learning curve to understanding big data appears to have peaked for IT managers and business units making big data requests. However, now finding the right skill set to do big data analytics has emerged as a top concern. • Security remains a top concern, as does the rate of data growth. As an update to a 2012 Intel survey, this report also shows a year-over-year evolution in the understanding of big data analytics, and demonstrates the progress made in implementing big data analytics projects in the enterprise.

Read the full Intel Big Data Analytics Peer Research 2013.

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