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technical brief Intel® 2012 Responsiveness Technologies

Intel 2012 Responsiveness Technologies: Technology Brief

Consumers today expect their PCs to be instantly available with the latest information from the internet. Intel® Smart Response Technology, Intel® Rapid Start Technology, and Intel® Smart Connect Technology, in concert with the Intel® 7 Series Chipset make this expectation a reality.

What is Intel® Smart Response Technology? r>We store a lot of diverse types of content on our PCs: Movies, photos, music, documents—the list goes on. Intel® Smart Response Technology enables a lower-cost, small-capacity SSD to be used in conjunction with a low-cost, high-capacity hard disk drive to provide a high-performance, cost-effective storage solution. As a result, you can fast-track to your favorites—faster access to the files and applications you use the most. Key benefits
• Faster system startup and shutdown
• Faster application performance and up to 2x faster game launch
• Best performance/GB storage solution • Flexible and easy to use

Read the full Intel 2012 Responsiveness Technologies Technology Brief.

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