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Delivering natural, intuitive, and immersive experiences

Understanding you more naturally

Dragon Assistant* is the conversational personal assistant for your computer, designed for Intel® RealSense™ technology. With Dragon Assistant, enjoy the convenience and freedom of using your voice to control a device in an easy, intuitive dialogue. Just tell it to find content, get answers, play music, connect with friends, and more. It works seamlessly with many popular desktop applications and websites, and has a very friendly disposition. Its natural language understanding turns speech into action for a whole new interactive conversation.

New for 2014: Dragon Assistant with Natural Language Understanding

CES* 2014 in Las Vegas saw the unveiling of the next-generation Dragon Assistant, a personal voice assistant designed for Intel RealSense technology, which uses natural language understanding for Windows* 8 Ultrabooks™, notebooks, All-in-Ones (AIOs), and tablet devices. Nuance Dragon Assistant is available in United States English today on Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo Ultrabook™, 2 in 1, and AIO devices, and coming in devices from Asus and Toshiba later in 2014. For the first time, Dragon Assistant will be available on tablets, coming from Lenovo in early 2014.

Web integratie

Gebruik Dragon Assistant voor entertainment sites, social media of zoekmachines, en krijg nuttige resultaten door natuurlijk te praten. Zeg “zoek op Google* naar restaurants in Boston” voor specifieke resultaten, en gebruik dezelfde zinnen voor populaire sites zoals YouTube*, Wikipedia*, Pandora* en vele anderen.

Ontdek wat de nieuwe Dragon Assistant allemaal kan >

Dictation anywhere

Easily insert text into Web fields, word processors, and chat applications by placing the cursor where you’d like to put text. Speak and be understood accurately even if you say things in different ways. Dragon Assistant learns over time for even more personalized accuracy.

Application integration

Tightly integrated applications get tasks done for you—control desktop apps and adjust device settings with intuitive voice commands, allowing you to post social network updates, check e-mail, and play media from your personal library or CD, DVD, and Blu-ray*.